Add Colour to Your Kitchen with Splashbacks

kitchen splashbacks

A kitchen splashback was once just a simple way to keep your kitchen walls clean from the mayhem that can occur in the kitchen. However, it has now evolved into something different. Kitchen Splashbacks are now used as a way to include different colours and textures into your kitchen. The kitchen is after all the heart of the home and you probably want your kitchen to be a place where you can express yourself.

While there are many different materials, which can be used for, a kitchen splashback, glass is one of the main materials used for this kitchen feature. However, in recent years the use of acrylic has gained traction and is becoming more popular in the kitchen.

This is probably due to the fact that acrylic is substantially cheaper than glass. You may be put off by the fact it is cheaper and feel like it is not as good as traditional glass, which is generically used. However, with acrylic, the main reason it is cheaper is because of the process in which it is made. Not only the process but perspex is far less fragile than glass and is actually 17 times more resistant than conventional glass. Shipping of acrylic is also far cheaper compared to glass. This is due to acrylic being far less fragile meaning there is no need to worry about damage occurring during shipping.

Acrylic is also available in a wide range of colours and textures. Glass is also available in a selection of different colours however; it is know for being notoriously expensive and prone to damage. The price difference alone makes acrylic a superior option opposed to glass! Customising your space doesn’t have to be an expensive luxury when you choose an acrylic splashback from Cut My Plastic and it allows you to let your creativity flow and create a space you are happy with. So making those all-important changes to your kitchen won’t break the bank!

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