An Introduction to Laser Eye Surgery

lasik eye surgery

Massive reforms in medical technology over the last three decades has led to the innovation of the invaluable laser eye surgery to cure common eye defects such as shortsightedness and long-sightedness. The method incorporates the use of special beams of light to modify the cornea with the aim of correcting vision. The cornea basically focuses light towards the retina which then transmits image pulses to the brain for interpretation. Consequently, the use of laser beams to rectify the cornea forms the first step in curing the eye. This articles therefore gives an introduction of Laser Eye Surgery as the best procedure for curing eye complications.

Laser eye surgery is certainly not a new concept given that it has been used to cure more that 40 million people worldwide. As a matter of fact, the method is the preferred mode of eye treatment over the use of contact lens prescription given that it is rather straightforward, fast and painless. The surgery only takes about 20 minutes and the recovery process is prompt as well. For example, you will be glad to know that 24 hours after performing the surgery, you will be back to your usual routine.

There are two types of Laser Eye Surgery that are commonly used to cure eye defects. They include the LASIK and LASEK. The two method normally yield the same results, however many people are of the opinion that LASEK is the better option.


LASIK is an acronym for Laser-Assisted In-Situ Keratomileusis. It is a form of laser surgery that involves the use of two lasers to focus a beam of light through the cornea. One laser forms a protective barrier on the front layer of the eye. With the protective barrier neatly in place, the second laser is then use to rectify the vision. The two lasers work seamlessly together to fix any eye complication. Patients that go through the LASIK treatment take a very short time to recover, normally within 24 hours. Nonetheless, some patients may take a few days to recover, although it all depends on the receptiveness of a patient’s eye towards the treatment. LASIK eye surgery providers provide a cheaper long-term alternative over glasses and contact lenses.


LASEK on the other hand means Laser Assisted Sub-Epithelial Keratectomy. Unlike the LASIK, LASEK only uses one laser to correct the cornea. LASEK treatment involves the application of a very thin layer of alcohol on the eye that loosens the epithelial cells. The epithelial cells then temporarily move to the side of the eye to allow the beam of lights to focus on the cornea. After the procedure ends, the surgeon adds a protective lens on the eye to accelerate the healing process. The eye will take about a week to completely heal after the surgery although the healing period varies with different patients. After the eye heals, the protective lens is removed.

All in all, a Laser Eye Surgery is the contemporary form of eye treatment for any type of eye defect. It is the ideal long-term eye treatment plan compared to glasses and contact lens prescription given that it is less costly.

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