How Much Sleep Do You Really Need?

how much sleep do you need

How often do you wake up feeling really tired? For many of us this can be quite often, but how much sleep do we really need? Of course this changes from individual to individual but the Sleep Foundation suggest that the perfect amount of sleep for an adult is 7-9 hours. So, it seems that the magic ‘full eight hours sleep’ isn’t a myth after all.

As all parents will know babies and toddlers need a lot more sleep and, unfortunately for the parent of the baby, their sleeping patterns will not be aligned with the parents! New born babies need 12-18 hours of sleep a day and toddlers, between the age of 1 and 3 will require 12-14 hours.

It’s also not a myth that teenagers require more sleep than adults. So when your teenager refuses to get up in the morning, its not because they’re lazy — 10 – 17 year olds need 8.5 and 9.25 hours.

So here’s the big question — why are we stuck on this 24-hour cycle of sleep and waking? Over millions of years of evolution we, as human beings, have become synchronised with the day and night cycle. And, its all about Melatonin (the hormone our pineal gland secretes to make us sleepy) — when it gets dark we secrete melatonin and we start to become tired.

Many commentators believe that the lifestyles, and use of devices, we in The West show are contributing to a lack of sleep epidemic. However, a recent study of the Hazda people in Northern Tanzania found different people woke frequently in the night and very different sleep schedules between individuals, so this premise may be a little exaggerated.

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