How to Pick the Perfect Nanny

pick the perfect nanny

Finding a nanny for hire is not an easy task. In fact, in hiring one, parents should be extra cautious and scrutinise the credibility of the person. There should be full trust and confidence on your part when you leave your child and your home in a care of a perfect stranger. When you know that you can fully entrust your most valuable possession plus your child to your nanny, then, you will have peace of mind in doing your business. You should hire a nanny that you feel most comfortable to be with.

Nannies are important entities of your home. Their presence does not only fill in your absence but also imprints influence to the lives your child. Not to mention the possible danger that might occur to your child and home when you pick a wrong one. Finding the right nanny is a decision that is worthy of your thorough considerations. You just cannot afford to pick anyone on sight.

Important guidelines in finding a nanny for hire

Credibility is a must – Check for a reputable agency for nannies. Normally, agencies would only take nannies that have the experience, skill, and training. These nannies from reputable agencies have a personal record filed in their agency’s offices for easy access to information. The record would also show previous work experience of the nanny you are about to have.

Make a personal interview – It is advisable that you make a personal interview of the nanny, especially for nannies in London, either by phone or in person.

Ask for the Social Security Information – The information that you can get can be very vital to ensure that the nanny for hire has a clear and good record.

Make a personal background checking – Make a thorough background investigation of your candidate. This is one of the best ways to check criminal records and any fraudulent record of the nanny.

Online Background Investigation – Use the advantage of the internet to know the credibility of your candidate. Use the internet to check the credibility of the person that you are about to bring inside you home and entrust your most precious gift. You may start at the search engine and type either the name, address or even the telephone number of your candidate.

Set a trial-time – Ask a trial-time between the nanny and your child. This is a very good way to know if your child and the nanny will have a good rapport together. Although, this might take some time, and a lot of effort but, this is worth spending your time. In this way, you will be able to ensure that the nanny will be of its best even, in a difficult situation.

Parents may want to know how much time off a nanny wants or needs. If she asks for two months off each year, that may be a bit much. Vacations can also get a little tricky. If a family takes the nanny with them, they should remember that they’ll be paying for her food, accommodations, entrance fees, etc. If she stays home while they go traveling for three weeks, she may find it hard without a paycheck for that long. Better figure it out.

Describe children to the potential nanny. If one of the kids is a special needs child, the nanny deserves to know how much extra attention the child will need. There are also various expectations of nannies. In some cases, parents are happy enough to simply have an adult around while the kids are occupying themselves watching TV and playing. However, parents may want a nanny who engages with the kid’s directly-playing table games, sports, taking them to movies or amusements, reading stories to them, helping them with homework, etc. Also if the nanny is expected to do some housework or cooking, she deserves to know that ahead of time.

A nanny should, of course, have a clean driving record. A transportation plan will need to be worked out. If the nanny delivers and picks up the kids a lot, she will need extra pay or even a gas allowance. Or maybe there is an extra car she can use for errands and picking up kids. The nanny should know details. For example, for a single parent, the nanny should know whether she’ll have certain weekends off when the kids go stay with the ex. Also, if the nanny is expected to drive sixty miles each way to the ex’s home every other week, the nanny should know.

Finally, you have all the right to check the credibility of your nanny for hire. Do not feel guilty if you do. The life of your child is more important than what others may think of how you set your standard in picking one. Anyway, after all, it is your child concern, and that is what matters most. After all, a good nanny for hire would not be offended if you do because she has nothing to hide.

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